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18th June 2024 @ 12:00pm AEST

Glow Up Careers has partnered with to put on a special lunch and learn for you and your team as part of Refugee Week celebrations.

Refugee Week serves as a powerful reminder that we all share a collective responsibility to extend a helping hand, offer sanctuary, and create an environment where every person can rebuild their lives with dignity and hope.

Join us to celebrate this years' theme of Finding Freedom, with a focus on Family.

Refugee Week is a significant celebration that highlights the resilience, courage, and contributions of individuals forced to flee their homes, promoting empathy, understanding, and inclusion. Through various events, discussions, and stories, this week aims to illuminate the challenges and triumphs of refugees, breaking down barriers and fostering a compassionate society that supports new beginnings.

Luke Cook - Host

A seasoned leader in cultural transformation with over two decades of experience, founded to inspire positive change through storytelling and meaningful conversations. Luke addresses challenges like personal tragedy to unconscious bias, focusing on societal issues and workplace culture.

Yvonne Kelly - Guest

CEO and Co-Founder of Glow Up Careers, uses her extensive recruitment experience to promote diversity and inclusion in hiring, focusing on overcoming AI and technological challenges to modernise and humanise hiring practices.

Yaser Naseri - Guest

Yaser, a former refugee and now Marketing Activation Lead at Wesfarmers, advocates for refugee inclusion in Australia. Since arriving in 2014 and earning a business degree from the University of Sydney, he speaks at venues like Microsoft and KPMG, promoting refugees as future leaders.

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